Bloons Tower Defense 4

Bloons tower defense 4 is a casual game of tower defense. A beautiful layout and careful thinking can be perfectly reflecting here. In order not to let the balloons succeed and to defend the city, every time the game is starting, the offensive settings are arranging so that no aircraft can be sparing.

The game content of Bloons tower defense 4

In Bloons tower defense 4, all operations only need to be left-clicked with the mouse. On Fangcheng Avenue, it is imperative to arrange offensive items properly. At first, the monkeys will be opening. You can think carefully about where to place them. The highest benefit will be achieved, and the greater the harm will be. As the game progresses, the more balloons you destroy, and the more levels you advance, the more balloons you will encounter, but the more supplies you will have.

The game features of Bloons tower defense 4

An essential thing in Bloons tower defense 4 is the strategy, so reasonable arrangement will make your city defense career get twice the result with half the effort. Besides, it also has many levels and different levels of difficulty. If you like to proceed step by step, the change from easy to difficult will make you more experience and gain in the game. Last but not least, the higher the upgrade, the more balloons will be added, and the speed will become faster, even some balloons with multiple colors will appear. So destroy them as much as you like, accumulate gold coins and upgrade equipment while crossing the border.

Do you have your ideas about the arrangement of troops? If you want to find a place to test, you can choose Bloons tower defence 4; first. You can ideally verify your strategy here so that the enemy cannot pass through your defence line and are all killed by the devices on the defensive line so that the whole home can be completely protected. Or choose, a pixel-style survival game; You must collect different resources so that you can have enough capital to upgrade and grow, to build your base, and to achieve your hegemony. Do you like hunting? Then you may need a scope, which can help you to win better.

If you want some free and educational games, you can come to cool drawings, where you can give full play to your talents and skills, make what you wish to go right, achieve your painting style and painting, and better exercise your painting skills and technique. Or choose Cubis2, an elimination game, which emphasizes angle and observation. It would be best if you launched the squares within a given time to eliminate more squares of the same colour so that you can pass the checkpoint. However, the greatest common factor is a puzzle game. You can know this knowledge completely through a simple game and have a free platform to improve the knowledge content and ability.